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 HO Scale  Locomotives

COVID-19 UPDATE:  As of March 25, 2020 the State of Colorado is under a "Stay At Home" lockdown.  I am still selling all InterMountain products but it may take me a little longer than normal to get your orders shipped.   InterMountain is still filling my orders as fast as they can.  This situation will probably resolve when the Covid-19 pandemic ends but who knows how long that will take.  I still have a supply of rolling stock here and I can ship it the next day.    When this problem is resolved I'll let you know here.

I sell all of the InterMountain Railway Co. Locomotives at 20% off of the Suggested Retail Price.  Check out the brand new SD40-2W Wide Cabs.


HO GP10 Paducah Locomotives


HO GEVO Locomotives


HO SD40-2 Locomotives


HO AC-12 4-8-8-2 Steam Locomotives

HO Scale F3A/B Locomotives

HO Scale F7A &FP7/F7B Locomotives

HO U18B Locomotives

HO Scale FP9/F9B Locomotives

HO SD40-2W Locomotives

HO Scale FT Locomotive Sets




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